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What sets JKI apart from others is how we do it and not what we do, whether you area Investor, Developer, or Landlord. We believe in the pure intention of creating good client relationships. We cultivate long-lasting relationships with the Real Estate community as essential to the success of the firm and with the satisfaction of clients.



By being there with owned operated and developed hotels, we include all the perspectives of the owners, franchisors, management companies, and lenders, etc. We bestow services, including Hotel Brokerage Hotel Financing, Private Equity, EB-5 opportunity


Multi-family residential (also known multi-dwelling unit or MDU) classifies housing where there are multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants. It contains a single building unit for suburban inhabitants within one complex.


Nowadays, most people are inclined towards shopping malls, clothing shops, florists, etc., and Retail Real Estate consists of establishments with the same purpose of entertainment and developing properties.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing consists of affordable housing units for people with median household incomes. Hence it creates a responsibility of the government to regulate the rising demand for us.

Office Building

It includes all the downtown skyscrapers, small professional office buildings, single-tenant properties, and so on

Senior housing

Senior Housing Residents include the seniors not being able to require assistance with daily activities or 27/7 skilled nursing and still beneficiary from convenient services, senior-friendly surroundings, with an expansion in social opportunities independent senior living communities offer. It provides apartments, cottages, condominiums, and single-family homes to senior living communities.

Parking Garages/Structure

Residential garages have space for single or multiple cars, using three garages attached to a house with an entry door into the house known as a secret door or man door, having wider or taller doors for vehicles (garage door). It can also raise to permit the entry and exit plus, securing it by closing.

Student Housing

It is also known as Purpose-Built Student refers to a subset of the private real estate asset class with an apartment community for students in higher education and having characteristics like an ability to rent on a per bed basis or roommate matching services.

New Project investment

Investment Real Estate generates income and focuses on investment purposes, and to generate rental income and profits through appreciation is common for investors than to own multiple pieces of the real estate serving primary residence.

Regional Center

It is a Corporation with a targeted investment program to defined geographic region. The USCIS regional center designation makes CARE eligible to receive capital from immigrants investors.

Overseas Major Projects

Individuals purchasing lots or built units (including apartments, family homes, and condominium units) generates the most international residential real estate. The bulk of vacation/ second home market or residential tourism market is their purchases.


We present cargo/ passenger financing for foreign buyers, civil jet, and so on with the rate to qualification and assistance buyers in different areas of needs as per request.

Higher Education

It involves a tertiary education as an award of any academic degree. It is also known as post-secondary education, third-level education, and as an optional final stage of formal learning after completion of secondary education.


It refers to buying, selling, and producing real estate. It affects U.S. economic growth even being as being a critical driver.

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